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Please note that we only represent landlords.

  • Our experienced lawyer and licensed paralegal at RioLaw provide legal services for exclusively landlord.
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  • Put the stress of your bad tenant on our shoulders and relax. Watch the landlord-tenant board procedure or even the eviction process.

Arash's Approach as manager of Riolaw

My area of expertise is landlord-tenant law. I primarily practice this area of law. Legal services exclusively for landlords! because it inspires me while I am a landlord too, and due to my life story as a landlord, I had some legal matters with my tenants. So I promise myself to not let anyone abuse the law against landlords, so I chose to be a Paralegal, so I can feel any landlord completely. and because of that, I represent landlords only. This indicates that I work with you as a landlord to meet your needs and rights, and then we concentrate on the tactics and procedures required to do so on your behalf. I’ll be by your side every step of the way to make sure that you understand your options and feel empowered to exercise your rights under the law. Is it confident enough?

Tips for Landlords

Get a consultation from a lawyer or paralegal first

If you want to serve your tenants a notice, get a consultation from a lawyer or paralegal first. A lot of case are tossed out at the Landlord and Tenant Board because the landlord made one, tiny mistake on the notice for that they served to the tenant.

Some advice to new LANDLORD (LL)
Here’s Some advice to new LLs or prospective LLs:
1. The learning curve for LLs is steep. LLs should choose TTs VERY CAREFULLY, checking the authenticity of every document given thoroughly, calling references and taking the time needed to determine if the TT is a good fit.
2. Check an Ontario Driver’s License here…
How to interpret an Ontario Driver’s License:
• The picture should match the person in front of you of course.
• The last 6 digits of a driver’s license are the Y-YMMDD of the birthday.
• The MM of a female licence is 50 higher. So a man born on Jan. 1 is 0101 a female is 5101.
• The first letter of a driver’s licence is the same as the first letter of the last name.
• The year month and date of birth are under the photo.
• Drivers under 19 have an extra line that says when they turn 19.
3. Check TTs names, their previous addresses and LL names SEPARATELY on this will help a LL screen out TTs that have a prior history of LTB hearings and eviction orders – although the database is not conclusive or up to date, it takes 5 minutes to check names, and addresses
4. One of the common problems with two family homes is that noise penetrates from one unit to the other and then the complaints start or the temperatures are hard to manage (too hot/too cold). LL should ensure he/she has met and surpassed the insulation requirements and sound barriers between the units.
5. Know that the LL absolutely cannot control how many people are going to be living in the units once the keys are handed over . TTs will have the legal right to have short or long term paying or non-paying guests for as long as they like WITHOUT LL permission.
6. Advisable to make utilities extra (do not make rent inclusive) and apportion them according to the RTA by the sq ft of the units or if the units are similar in size, divide the utilities equally 50% each.
7. Parking – if it makes sense, LL should designate a number to the parking spots so there is no disagreement on who gets what spot. i.e. Upper unit – Parking #1, Lower Unit – Parking #2
8. Any amenity a LL offers from Day 1 cannot be taken away unless the LL offers a rent abatement i.e. internet, backyard, garage, storage shed, laundry, etc.
9. Strongly recommend a LL makes a one time purchase of OSL addenda written by paralegals and lawyers that protect LLs above and beyond the standard lease.
In no particular order: Harry Fine, Paralegal
LPMA London Property Management Association
9. Recommend LL make TT liability insurance MANDATORY in the OSL and must receive a copy as proof of it BEFORE keys are handed over. If insurance is required, and the TTs do not have it or cancel it, this is a legal reason to file an application for eviction.
10. Review the Residential Tenancies Act thoroughly.
12. Tenants have security of tenure in Ontario. Once a LL hands over keys, the TT cannot be evicted except by order of the Landlord and Tenant Board (LTB) and for a legal reason.…/what…
13. Understanding the framework of where and how to resolve issues when they happen in the LL/TT relationship is important. Know that the LTB is the tribunal that all claims go through from both LLs and TTs and that the scheduling at the moment is about 6 months plus to get a hearing and then another month or more to get the actual written order from the LTB Member. So if things go bad, you need to have a minimum of the equivalent of a year’s worth of financial resources (in rental income) to avoid having to borrow money or extend financing.
14. Rent increases for properties occupied as residential ON OR AFTER Nov 15 2018 are NOT rent controlled which means the LL can increase rent above the provincial guidelines every 12 months using the N2 and 90 days notice…/N2%20instructions_final…
15. Rent increases for properties occupied as residential BEFORE Nov 15 208 ARE RENT CONTROLLED and can be increased using the N1 with 90 days notice once every 12 months. The annual max rent increase allowed is determined by the provincial government.…/N1%20instructions_final…
How to do and Interpret Credit check

For landlords, protecting their property investment is critical. If you’re not careful, the wrong tenants can cause a variety of problems, including complaints from concerned neighbors, costly damages, and even a lengthy eviction process. To counteract this, landlords in Canada typically conduct a tenant credit check as part of the tenant screening process. In this guide, we’ll explain why, how, and where you should run a credit check on prospective tenants.

One of the most important aspects of the rental process is choosing tenants carefully. You are, after all, due diligence, essentially inviting strangers to live on your property, which doesn’t come without risk.

Credit checks have evolved into a vital screening tool for property managers and landlords, allowing them to assess applicants’ financial suitability as well as their reliability. You can learn a lot about an applicant’s credit history, borrowing habits, and general dependability by conducting a tenant credit check. You can decide whether to accept or reject a rental application with knowledge after reading this information. a good paralegal could help you to interpreted the credit history of potential tenants.  

How to get a tenant’s credit check in Canada

Credit information in Canada typically comes from one of the country’s two major credit bureaus: Equifax® or TransUnion®. There are a few ways landlords can obtain this information:

  • Directly from a credit bureau — With applicants’ consent, landlords can grab a credit report from either of Canada’s two major credit bureaus
  • Asking the tenant to provide a credit report — It’s also common for landlords to ask tenants to purchase a credit report themselves and provide a copy with their application.
  • Using a property management company — Some busy landlords opt to use a property management company for handling their rental properties. These professionals will also take care of tenant screening for you using one of the above methods.

What information does a tenant credit check include?

A tenant credit check in Canada is primarily used to evaluate a tenant’s financial suitability based on their spending habits and debt levels. This takes the form of a credit report that summarizes their credit history, including:

  • Credit score
  • Any outstanding debts, loans or bankruptcies
  • Payment history on loans, credit cards, and other financial obligations

The Trust Score from also includes additional information, like:

  • Employment history and income details
  • Court records or other details
  • Risk assessment


A credit check, while important, is not always a definitive picture as to a tenant’s finances. Some may have a large balance on their cards that they are working to bring down, or a similar situation that impacts their score. My tenants have a terrible score but have never missed a payment. Some people just need help, don’t forget to be human. That’s the part too many of the slumlords in this group forget.

The Residential Tenancies Act (RTA) applies to all Landlords and Tenants within Ontario. This includes all types of rental housing, ranging from high-rise apartments to family homes. We will handle your entire matter from start to finish, appearing in court on your behalf.

Our team of legal representatives can assist you in Tenancy with:

  • Drafting of Lease Agreements

    "We are only tenants, and shortly the great Landlord will give us notice that our lease has expired." Joseph Jefferson

  • Completing of Notices

    the NOTICE must set out fully and accurately those matters which are necessary for it to perform its statutory function. The pre-Mannai law that any mistake in a notice, however trivial, renders it invalid,"There is never a shortage anywhere of lawyers eager to attack the First Amendment, as though it were nothing more than a clause in a lease from a crooked slumlord." Kurt Vonnegut

  • Services of notices


  • Dispute resolution

    :Peace is not absence of conflict, it is the ability to handle conflict by peaceful means." Ronald Reagan

  • Hearing

    “In Court of justice, Both the parties know the truth. It’s the judge who is on trial.” Justice J R Midha’s

Our team of legal representatives practice primarily in the areas of Landlord and Tenant Board including but not limited to:

Landlord Issues




Tenancy Legal issues would be effect your life style

in worst scenario;

  • for TENANT; they could be evicted and lose a roof on top of their head and
  • for LANDLORD they could not collect rent and pay their mortgage and / or other cost of living

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