Price list

all prices and fee are subject HST tax

We are committed Affordable Fee as our Target

Paralegal and Mediation Services

Including: Statutory declarations, affidavits, letters and certified and much more…

tenant & landlord

  • Flat fee is available 
  • $500 and up
  • plus $400 per each appearance season in board

Traffic Ticket

  • Flat fee is available
  • $299 and up for part I offenses (such as Stop Sign and red light camera and much more…
  • $199 and up for part II (Parking Ticket)
  • $999 and up for part III (these offenses are so serious and mostly begins with summon) 

Refugee Claim 

  • Flat fee is available
  • $999 Review your Refugee Case
  • $3,499 represented your case in IRB
  • $4,999 represented your case in IRB for appeal

Small Claim

  • Flat fee and contingency is available
  • Starting from $499 and up “Flat Fee”
  • 30% of claim after wining (so we earn our fee after winning your claim)  “Contingency fee”


Including: Online or in-person consultations available 

In-person consultations 

  • $75 per hour

On-Line or by calling

  • $50 per hour


We offer skilled support to assist individuals and organizations through what can be experienced as challenging conversations or situations.


$149 hourly

Mailing Services

Your notarized documents can be shipped to a third party anywhere in the world, including Canada and the United States.


$20 plus the cost of mailing / shipping

Holiday Service

we open by appointment only for Statutory and all other type of holiday

appointment on holidays

$30 we are available on holidays ($30 extra fee is for accommodation)