Notary Services

Authentication & Legalization

The procedures needed to make papers notarized in Canada valid for use outside of Canada include authentication and legalisation. This is the equivalent to apostille, which is not conducted in Canada.

 Riolaw Notary’s authentication and legalisation services for international documents. We offer you with all procedures – notarization, authentication and legalisation – rapidly and easily. – our experienced Authentication and Legalization Specialists can do it all for you!


To notarize your documents, arrange a meeting with one of our Authentication and Legalization Specialists. not within Canada? We can arrange to have your documents mailed to us, no problem.

Your documents get authenticated by the Authentication and Legalization Specialist at Official Document Services or Global Affairs Canada.

The Authentication and Legalization Specialist legalizes your documents at the embassy or consulate.

We return your documents to you in person or by mail after they have been notarized, authenticated, or legalised.


After a document is authenticated, Global Affairs Canada in Ottawa or Official Document Services in Toronto verifies the notary’s stamp and signature and issues a certificate of authenticity.

After document is legalized, the consulate or embassy of the country in which the document is to be used verifies the certificate of authenticity of Global Affairs Canada or Official Document Services.



in some cases, other laws and regulations must be applied in fact, some document needs some compliance with the law prior to Notarization